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We want to celebrate the abilities of people in the Autism Spectrum.

Today, the parents of an autistic child in Orange County have to travel hours just so that their kid can participate in specially-designed fun activities and learning opportunities. We have established a community, where people can come together and become aware, learn, support, and help out with our mission—to establish a movement to drive productive conversations and discussions about Autism. We use our platform to spread awareness on autism, highlight the benefits of early intervention while providing detailed information on autism programs and services offered in Orange County, New York and nearby communities.

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If this is a medical or police emergency please dial 911.

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Autism Research

We have accumulated credible and groundbreaking research about Autism conducted in various parts of the U.S. We want families in Orange County to emulate the positive steps taken toward supporting and championing people with autism.

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Autism & Family

The people who surround a child with autism have the biggest impact. We want to make this a place where every member of the family with an autistic child in Orange County knows about what’s out there for their kid.

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We want to change that. There’s a lot to learn…

It’s a world that still does not completely understand the aspects of a disorder that affects 1 in 45 children in the U.S., and research that is out there is often missed by people who need them.

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