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Early Intervention Programs For Autism – Everything You Need To Know

Early Intervention is an umbrella term used to describe Autism programs, among others that are designed for young children. The best way to ensure your child has a good life is to intervene early on.

If you do have an infant with ASD, it’s best to seek out Early Intervention programs near your area and enroll them immediately.

Here’s everything you need to know about Early Intervention:

What is it?

Early Intervention refers to treating your child’s Autistic behaviors as early as possible by providing them with emotional and physical support. The purpose of these programs is to speed up the child’s development so they can better fit into society.

Early Intervention consists of a combination of therapy, special education, counseling and service planning. Some may include enrolling your child in specialized kindergarten and child care services that cater to autistic people.

Therapies & Services

Occupational therapy

Different therapies are offered to kids with ASD depending on the level of autism they have.

The most common forms of therapy include:

Occupational therapy: This form of therapy is designed to improve the child’s motor skills and focuses on helping them be more independent when it comes dressing and toileting. With consistent occupational therapy, you’re child should be able to attend school without needing you there.

Physiotherapy: Autistic kids struggle with motor skills which can prevent them from simple things like sitting straight, maintaining balance and crawling. Physiotherapy can improve their muscle tone and promote the development of motor skills.

Speech therapy: Many autistic kids cannot speak properly which is why physicians ask them to start speech therapy. With regular speech therapy, your child will not only have a greater hold on language but will also be able to eat and drink properly.

Who provides these therapies?

There are a number of institutions you can get therapies from including hospitals, community health centers and special institutions for people with disabilities. You can also choose to hire a private therapist that is specialized in working with autistic individuals.

Parents are advised to look for Early Intervention programs that are structured, family focused and evidence-based. There are plenty of programs that claim to help Autistic individuals so be sure to enroll your child in one that guarantees results.

Orange County 4 Autism provides a wealth of information for people with Autistic family members. Use our database to conduct research on autism and to search for institutions that provide Early Intervention programs in Orange County and nearby communities.

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