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Shining Stars: 4 Tips to Ensure Children with Autism Succeed At School

For parents raising a child with autism, school matters can be extremely stress-inducing. Here’s a list of some core tips that you may utilize to help your child overcome academic and social difficulties and excel at school:

Meet and Greet with the Teachers

On average, students in the U.S. spend about 7 hours of the day with their teachers at school. For autistic children to thrive at school, it’s important for parents to meet their teachers and have an open and upfront discussion about the child’s abilities. This meeting will help you know more about the teacher’s experience with autistic children. Talking about your child’s strengths, weaknesses and possible triggers will also give teachers insight to your child’s personality and behavioral pattern. A well-informed teacher is likely to use learning techniques that are suited to your child.

Do Your Research:

Make a list of questions about the concerns you have regarding the school’s environment and discuss these concerns with the school’s administration. Children with ASD are at a high risk of bullying at school, as an estimated 33.9% of autistic children are bullied at school every year.

Bullying can take a toll on your child’s mental health, leading to unresolved anger and frustration. Therefore, during your research, ask about the steps taken by school to minimize on-campus bullying. Find out more about any special programs or support services the school has to offer for children with ASD.

Establish a Strong Teacher-to-Parent Communication Plan:

Acknowledge the fact that your child may exhibit unusual behavior or have an emotional outburst at any time. To handle such situations with ease, it’s important to establish an open communication channel through which you and the teachers can stay in touch and contact each other in case of an emergency.

Additionally, a communication plan will help you stay updated with any schoolwork that your child might be lagging behind in.

Reinforce Routine at Home:

School is stressful for all children. Those on the autism spectrum feel even higher levels of stress and anxiety due to deficit motor and social skills. Maintain a routine at home to help them keep up with their homework. Dedicate an hour or two from each day for daily tasks and assignments.  Organize folders and communicate with them as much as possible.

Build a cooperative relationship with your child’s school and trust the judgment of teachers. Parents often struggle to come to terms with the fact that when it comes to school, they need to surrender control sometimes and let their child explore the world on their own.

We, at Orange County for Autism, are working endlessly to offer support to parents and caregivers of children with ASD. Play your part in raising awareness for autism and increasing growth opportunities for autistics individuals by joining our movement today!

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