Looking for a way to help a child with autism thrive? Here, we have listed learning programs, activities, and other opportunities for children and adults on the autism spectrum in Orange County and nearby areas.

If you own an Orange County, NY business that organizes and promotes opportunities for people with autism, we want to know all about you, so that we can tell others all about what you do.

Early Intervention Program by Orange County Health Dept.

The Orange County Health Department has facilitated an Early Intervention Program (EIP), purposed to identify and monitor children at the risk for developmental problems. Their qualified and trained nurses work closely with the family of the child to pay attention to the child’s behavioral, social and communication capabilities.

They offer these multidisciplinary screening services—free of cost—for children up to 2 years of age. If the child does show any developmental delays, the nurses provide parents with relevant information regarding the aspects of Early Referral Program that have the potential to improve their child’s developmental skills.

Early Intervention Services by Child Development School, Irvine

The UC Irvine Health Child Development School is partially funded by the Orange County Health Care Agency. They have facilitated this program for kids in kindergarten through eighth grade. In addition to academic support, the program also includes social skill training, academic transitional support, as well and parent training services.

Their regular school education experience is modified to fit the needs and interests of children and families facing challenges in behavior and learning. The program is typically 12-18 weeks long, passing which the child is transferred to the next academic stage.

Community Counseling & Supportive Services by Orange Country Health Care Agency

Introduced by the Orange County HCA (Behavioral Health Department), this program is for people of every age at the risk for or already diagnosed with mild to moderate behavioral disorders. They provide their services throughout Orange County, facilitated through a short-term program that includes:

  • Screening & assessment of participants*
  • Individual counseling
  • Group counseling (supportive & educational)
  • Case management
  • Referral to relevant healthcare specialists/organizations
  • Community outreach

*All participants are screened by a Master’s level clinical expert, who identifies specific needs and recommends appropriate services.