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Locate information related to Autism. Here at Orange County New York for Autism, we have references to scientific studies, articles and videos on autism. Take your time and discover a world of knowledge on a health issue that deserves everyone's attention.

Top Autism Information Sites

Autism Speaks:

A leading organization supporting autism science and advocacy

the site is a detailed source of information and guidance for everyone in the U.S. Boasting an array of impressive apps, Autism Speaks provides parents with the games and activities to help improve the children’s communication and social skills. Visit them at:

Autism Society:

Another remarkable treasure trove of valuable resources for those of with autism

their family members, as well as those researching and studying autism, Autism Society also offers latest news and press releases related to autism. Visit them at:

Educational Resources and Information on Autism Programs in New York

Orange County for Autism is determined to establish a healthy network of love and support for individuals suffering from autism and their parents. Currently, there are limited resources for autism available for the residents of Orange County, NY.

We seek to fill this gap by compiling a database of autism-related research and programs and services offered for special needs individuals in Orange County and nearby areas in New York.

Residents of the county that are currently affected by autism have to travel for hours to partake in autism programs; we aim to change that in the coming years.

New York State school Medicaid waiver forms Information

The waivers come from multiple agencies and the following are links for NY State Medicaid waivers, who offer the eligibility process for a disabled child to apply for the Medicaid waiver. This means that in many cases they waive the parents’ income so that the child can be eligible for Medicaid.

  • – Home and community based services (HCBS) provide opportunities for Medicaid beneficiaries to receive services in their own home or community rather than institutions or other isolated settings.
  • – The first set of links on this page take you to a pdf. This is a guide to the services available for children and young adults with special health care needs.
  • – services supports/supports for independent and family living/Care at Home – This is the main page for the Office of People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) Care at Home (CAH) waiver.
  • – services supports//supports for independent and family living/Care at Home/document/CAH Coordinators List – these are the regional contacts for OPWDD Services.
  • – services supports/eligibility/faqs#whataredd – this is an FAQ page about eligibility for OPWDD’s services.

Orange County New York – Local services supporting Autism