Here at Orange County NY for Autism, we provide education and resources to benefit those on the autism spectrum, their families, and any member of the community who wants to learn and lend a hand.

Autism Research

According to WHO, 1 in 160 children in the world has an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), which normally begins during childhood and persists as the child migrates towards adulthood. Here we have accumulated research and studies on Autism by global and national healthcare agencies. We intend to help the community develop a finer understanding of the issues of individuals on the autism spectrum.

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Autism & Family

Over the years, private and public health organizations have introduced learning programs, activities, and other opportunities for children and adults on the autism spectrum. Unfortunately, much of the Orange County NY community has yet to know about these, which is why we established this site to raise awareness about places, so that parents can find these for their kids.

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Be Aware And Participate—So That Our Children Can Live Happier, Healthier Lives…

With unclear causes and no cure, autism is often misunderstood, and treatments remain limited to managing symptoms, not the root of the disorder itself.

Today, researchers are making increasing progress with studying and understanding the developmental conditions—which include changes in communication, behavioral and social capabilities—associated with autism. We provide a database of research material and other information, which includes spreading knowledge about programs and activities for special needs individuals and raising a child with autism. Our resources consist of information on education benefits for autism and autism programs and services offered around New York. Our aim is to erase the misconceptions that lead to open judgment toward moms and dads of autistic children, and educate the community of Orange County, NY. We want this site to become a positive outlet of news and information about what’s out there for a thriving future for those on the autism spectrum.

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How Can You Help…

Our Mission

We aim to provide information to people who want to learn, explore and discuss topics of interest to families with autistic members, and secure their future.

What You’ll Find

History, national and local statistics, diagnosis, treatment, care, growth opportunities, programs—anything and everything there is to know about Autism, you find it under one roof…here.

Get In Touch

Whether you are a business offering learning opportunities for autistic individuals, or a parent who wants to support our movement… we could use your help!